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Services available at The Willow Forge
What I do , how long it takes and how much it costs


What I do

The galleries on the Home page display a range of work I have done in the past.I am a traditional style Blacksmith, the main way things are made is by forging metal. After 40 years , I am very highly skilled in many types of work. The other side of that coin is that I wish to do projects that are interesting to me either from a design , technical or social aspect.  All  work is custom made, one at a time by me. I do have working relationships with other craftsmen and artists and can work with them on some multimedia projects , but you will always know who did what parts of the project.
   I also restore , duplicate and repair metalwork.
When I do have work , or spare tools to sell, or even some antique stuff, it is on Ebay as


What I don't do

With rare exceptions, I do not have a "stock" of finished items for sale. 
I do not resell other peoples work or things made in factories.
I don't use cell phones, I have a land line at home, not in the shop. This is so I can do the work. If we need to talk I will send the landline number. Email is a better record . easier to archive.
I don't fix junk. If you bought something made cheap and ugly and you want me to make it work and be wonderful , you are missing the point.
I don't break copyright, please don't ask me to copy works of art or designs other artisans have created, or designs owned by corporations
I don't make junk.
I don't have a time machine, If you needed it yesterday , I can't help.
I am not a contractor , cival engineer or Lawyer



The Shop rate is $60/ hour. One half hour minimum.
Materials are not included in the shop rate.
Please don't try to bargin with me , the shop may have cost more than your house and I have spent a lifetime learning how to create.
I will give you $15 of my time to look at a project. That is long enough for most projects to have an estimate or find out if it will take more time to estimate a price.

Please do tell me the projects important design and timeframe requirements.Describing the desired effect or needed function can help. I can sometimes design a project to fit a budget , or propose changes that help the cost, utility or timeframe. I am very good , but no amount of money can make a weeks work happen in a day.

Large projects may require a payment for the estimate ,if you need drawings or other support services, these are at the shop rate or at my cost plus 10%.
Projects under $100 can be paid when finished.
Between $100 and $600, a deposit of 25% with the remainder due at compleation.
Above $600 , 25% deposit and partial payments to be arranged at points until finished.

You can change your mind and have your deposit refunded up to the point of the work starting.
After work has started you will not receive a refund. It costs me a lot to stop a project once it is started.
I contact clients before the work starts.
Changing the details of a project is fine , up to the point of the work starting, after that I can give you an estimate of what the change will cost and you can decide if the work is changed.



Everything takes time. I can have a 6 month backlog of jobs but normally it is closer to 3 months. Some materials are hard to find or are unavailable at the time needed. 
I am a real live person and as such am prone to damage and illness, if something happens to affect the projects timeline I will contact you and we will deal with reality. In cases where I am at fault for not being able to do a project in an agreeable time I will refund deposits.
Projects are done in the order they are received. I can't put you at the top of the list no matter what you offer, that way lies madness and disorder beyond anything most people understand.



I ship at my cost, this includes boxing time and materials. I live in a small town and have a life, this is to say that I ship as soon as possible but nothing can go out after 5:00PM weekdays or after noon on Saturday. If the project needs special shipping , we will work it out.



Email is the best way to contact me.
The Willow Forge
P.O.Box 1776
Shepherdstown WV 25443