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Stuff I learned or did and some idea when that happened

Classes and workshop studies with:

Peter Ross , Smith at Colonial Willamsburgh ,at Ceder Lakes Craft Center, Ripley WV

Fred Christ, Smith for Yellen shop, at Ceder Lakes Craft Center, Ripley WV

Jack Brubaker, at Ceder Lakes Craft Center, Ripley WV

Ira Decoven, at Ceder Lakes Craft Center, Ripley WV

Marvin Jensen, at Ceder Lakes Craft Center, Ripley WV

Informal studies with dozens of Smiths and other Artists.

Books and Articles:

“ The Best of The Hammer” Vol 2 ,Edited by Brian Flax Pub. By Raymond's Quiet Press 1985 , ISBN 0-943228-05-0 , Article , “Making Mokume” by Daniel Tokar , pages 63-69

“The Best of The Hammer” Vol 3 , Edited by Brian Flax , Pub. “Raymond's Quiet Press” 1986 Article “An update on Mokume” by Daniel Tokar ,pages 47-49

“Dialogue on Historical Wire for Gaelic Harps between Daniel Tokar and Anne Haymann” Pub by Early Gaelic Harp Info, Saint Andrews , Scotland 2011, Simon Chadwick editor. This is an edited less technical version of a research article I wrote.

“Early American Copper Tea Kettles” by Donald James Horvath PhD , Shelley Horvath Poston, Pub. The Red Metal Press 2010 . Daniel Tokar is quoted on pages 7, 13,14,16,35 and is in the Acknowledgments on page 220

“Humanities in America , A report to the President, The Congress, and The American People” Lynne V. Chenny Chairman ,Pub Washington DC Sept 1988 by The National Endowment for the Arts, Daniel Tokar is quoted on page 24

Elle Décor Mag. Feb 1991 issue, Though not credited, my work is pictured on pages 110 ,111, and 112 .The copper tub , hood over table and several small objects in the rooms.

Knives 93, Ken Warner, page 137 , the fish knife pictured is my work

“Uncommon Vernacular , The Early Houses of Jefferson County, West Virginia 1735-1835” by John C. Allen Jr. Pub. West Virginia University Press , Morgantown ISBN 978-1-933202-87-7. I provided information on hardware and am listed in the Acknowledgments on page 335

Web: wv/ 

1975 , Started to blacksmith, made my first knife.

1978 , Worked for Assad Iron and Metals in Brownsville Pa. as a non ferrous metalman

1979 , July 9th opened The Willow Forge in Brownsvile Pa. First shop. Made railings and knives and also forged coalmine linkages , survey augers and "J" bolts for Croftcheck Mine survice co.

Work for Government and Museums

1982 , Fort Necessity National Battlefield , forging demo July 3-4 .

1983 , May 28-30, Fort Necessity National Battlefield, demo . 

1985 , Harper's Ferry NPS, made John Brown Fort hinges. 

Fort Necessity National Battlefield picket days may 18- 19 forging demo .

1986-7 ,Blacksmith for The Rumseian Experiment, a ½ scale copy of the first steamboat built in North  America. Made boat hardware , engine and boiler parts .

1987 , Moved to Shepherdstown WV , Feb. Worked for Jay Hurley At the Independent Trade Shop but retained my own licence and continued to make "side projects".

Worked on building the Copy of James Rumseys 1787 Steamboat

This was my 2nd shop.

 National Park Service ,made Wittworth cannon wrench .

1988 , Sweden : A Royal Treasury , 1550 - 1700 National Gallery of Art, March April, made display mounts for King Eric the VII 's parade armor , Gustaph Vassa’s sword and jewelry. This was the first Sander's Museum Service job as a subcontractor.

1989 , National Park Service , made links. 

National Park Service repair Pennsylvania monument at Antietam Battlefield .

1990 , Boarman Arts Center , Martinsburg WV , April 8th- May 6th “Metalsmith”exhibition: Daniel Boone, Jeff Fetty , Glen Horr, Jay Hurley, Claudia McCue, Nol Putnam , Brad Silverberg , Ed Small , Daniel Tokar. 

1992 , National Park Service, Russian Bishops House , Sitka Alaska . Made five stoves and handmade tapered flue pipe .

Sheila Lampitie designed, I made chairs for the National Arboretum.

1994 , National Park Service Harpers Ferry , restored babbitt bearing for lineshaft in the gunsmth's shop .

National Park Service ,made reproduction hoe and shovel .

Alexandria Seaport Foundation ,made plane blade , tools and hardware for the Alexandria {tall ship} .

1995 , National Park Service ,made lathe chucks. 

Charles Town Conservation Center ,National Park Service , made tools .

Alexandria Seaport Foundation ,made plank wrench, stern bolts, tools .

1996 , Alexandria Seaport Foundation , made transom drills. 

National Park Service , Antietam, bronze plaque repair .

Historic Shepherdstown Commission ,Entler Museum , mail wagon &stove restoration .

1997 , National Park Service Antietam , 2 bronze plaques repaired .

National Park Service ,Antietam , survey Maryland monument for damage.

Smithsburg Historical Society , lamps restored .

1998 , National Park Service .Andersonville Prison, Prisoner of War Museum, made reproduction manacles , ball and chain .

Left The Independent Trade Shop.

At Sander’s Museum Service: My 3rd shop.

Pequot Indian Museum in Connecticut. Raven transformation costume mounted May .

Dumbarton Oaks ,Byzantine stained-glass mounts made April , Washington DC .

Richmond , Virginia Historical Society . Jamestown artifacts , Indian artifacts mounts made June .

Greek Museum , Princeton University ,sarcophagus mounts fitted in Baltimore, mounted in the Greek  Museum , Princeton University , August 29 . 

Mounted cross on the Theological Union in Washington DC .

1999  At Sander's museum Services :

The Union Station Washington DC ,Thunder grill restaurant , display tower built April .

Suit of armor mounts . the National Park Service , Charles Town Conservation Center ,

Picasso collection , lights and mounts , Greenwich , Connecticut , September

Picassos mounted December .

National Park Service, restoration of three door locks July 23 ,one lock August 12.

Norman Oklahoma , dino bones , meteorite, Indian artifact mounts made

Ainu , Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Display mounts .

2000 , Was in the McMurren Hall clock tower , making sure the Shepherdstown clock struck at midnight .

With Sander's Museum Service:

The Walters Gallery in Baltimore, Assyrian and Egyptian Temple stones mounted.

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Vikings ,artifact mounts .

University of Oklahoma at Norman, Natural History Museum, made mounts for dinosaur bones and Native artifacts , mounted April, July .

2001 , With Sander's Museum services: 

The Walters Gallery in Baltimore , mount for large Temple stones , February .

Started renovating and renting my 4th shop from Bill Knode at the Frog Island Industrial Park.

2003 :By myself again ,  The Willow Forge at Frog Island

National Park Service historic preservation training center Fredrick MD., cannon carriage parts made .

National Park Service Hopewell furnace, chains, stove parts made .

National Park Service Antietam Battlefield . bolts and keys for doors made .

Tencalla forge rebuilt and forging demonstration for the House and Garden tour of Berkley Co. WV .

White House , Washington DC, turnbuckle made for portico .

2004 , National Park Service Vicksburg ,gunboat hardware made. 

National Park Service Hopewell Furnace , stoves and chain made.

2005 ,National Park Service, Abraham Lincoln's birthplace, logdog and fireplace crane.

 Westfield Christian Church , Virginia ,made H and L. hinges. 

National Park Service naval gun hardware made for Vicksburg gunboats .

2007 , Parsival Delrue , Gent Belgium , Billon and silver alloy coin blanks made for research project. 

Period 2008-2019 I have continued in operation but have not kept up with adding to the resume.

Last running count, I had done over 6,000 projects by 2009.

2019 is my 40th year as a metalsmith.


Shop destroyed at 453 S. Princess st., Shepherdstown WV


Shop rebuilt in new location , 498 S. Princess St extended ,Shepherdstown WV 25443